Christmas thumprint cookies

Christmas huh. How did that happen? If you, like me, have found it’s suddenly the latter half of December and you haven’t done a thing…read on friend. I’m here to help.

Over the next week I’m throwing together baking with love some gifts for friends and family. Um, if you think you are one of those friends or family who will be getting these gifts maybe you should stop reading. Otherwise, here are some easy, cheap and super tasty gifts.

Christmas thumprint cookies

First up, here are some Christmas thumbprint cookies. I made these a few months ago and they were a treat.

You can read the original jam thumbprint cookies recipe here. All we’re doing is making them again, but instead of putting jam in them, halve maraschino (glace) cherries, and push them on top. Then bake as usual.


This recipe makes 36 lovely little cookies.

I’ll be back tomorrow with Christmas Rocky Road and a bit later with Christmas ginger bread iced cookies. (The trick is to get normal recipes and make them red and green…shhh).

Rocky road


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  1. The cookies look really good! I´ll be giving presents from my kitchen as well this year- but I am a bit lazier than you and made a christmas cookie mix in a jar, that I just posted. 🙂

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