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Breads and scones
Festive food and Christmas gift ideas
Muffins (sweet)
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Stuff ups

Low fat recipes are marked in brackets after a recipe.

To start you off, here is the how-to guides

How to make muffins
How to make bread
Basic muffin recipe
Basic scone recipe
Fruit mince pies – part 1 (fruit mince)
Fruit mince pies – part 2 (the pastry)

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Breads and scones

Apple and gingerbread
Banana and fruit bread (low fat)
Buttermilk scones two ways: chocolate or sultana with cinnamon
Chelsea butter buns
Cinnamon sugar and apple pull-apart bread
Double chocolate scones
Hot cross buns and chocolate chip hot cross buns
Olive and parmesan bread rolls
Pear bread
Raspberry scones

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Healthy blueberry bran muffins
Cinnamon sugar and apple pull-apart bread
Home made muesli

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Blueberry upside down cake
Chocolate mudcake with swiss meringue buttercream frosting
Great-grandma’s pumpkin cake
Lamingtons (double chocolate)
Raspberry almond cake with mascarpone cream icing

Red velvet monster cake with cream cheese frosting

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Afghan biscuits
ANZAC biscuits
Chewy apricot oatmeal cookies with toasted almonds (and sea salt on top)
Chocolate chip cookies
Chocolate chip cookies (with sweetened condensed milk)
Christmas rolled sugar cookies
Christmas thumprint cookies
Buttermilk cookies
Cherry, chocolate, cornflake and coconut cookies
Double chocolate chip cookies
Cornflake and sultana cookies
Ginger nuts
Jam thumbprint cookies
Lemon cookies
Lemon polenta biscuits
Melting moments (Passionfruit melting moments)
Mint chocolate cookies
Mocha double chocolate cookies
Oatmeal and sultana cookies – chewy
Orange marmalade cookies with fresh orange icing
Toasted oatmeal, pecan and chocolate chip cookies
Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies
Shortbread biscuits with passionfruit icing
Sugar rolled cookies
White chocolate and macadamia cookies

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Butter cupcakes with red cream cheese frosting
Chocolate mud cupcakes with chocolate buttercream frosting
Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

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Creme caramels
Plum bake (with white chocolate custard)

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Almond and pomegranate black quinoa salad
Asian prawn salad
Chickpea and vegetable salad – with chicken

Harvest chicken tortilla soup
Moroccan lentil soup with corn bread
One pot moroccan chicken cous cous
Vegetable bake
Tomato pasta sauce, made with fresh tomatoes

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Plymouth gin punch
Strawberry infused vodka spritzer

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Festive food & Christmas gift ideas

Christmas thumbprint cookies
Christmas rolled sugar cookies
Cherry ripe slice
Fruit mince pies
Hot cross buns
Chocolate chip hot cross buns
Pumpkin cake
Rocky road
Shortbread slice or melting moment cookies

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Muffins (sweet – savoury muffins listed below)

Apple, custard and white chocolate muffins
Apple oatmeal low fat muffins (low fat)
Banana and chocolate chip muffins
Basic muffin recipe
Berry muffins (low fat)
Blueberry, apple and oat muffins (low fat)
Blueberry, banana and custard muffins (low fat)
Blueberry lemon cornmeal muffins (low fat)
Carrot cake muffins with cream cheese icing
Chocolate carrot muffins (low fat)
Chocolate chip yogurt muffins (low fat)
Chocolate chia muffins (low fat)
Chocolate (double chocolate) chip muffins
Cornbread muffins (low fat)
Jaffa muffins (orange choc chip)
Kiwifruit, lime and coconut muffins
Lemon syrup and coconut muffins
Raspberry, banana and custard muffins (just switch out the blueberry in this recipe – low fat)
Raspberry oatmeal low fat muffins (low fat)
Raspberry and white chocolate chip muffins
Strawberry almond muffins
Strawberry lemon cornmeal muffins (low fat)

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Savoury muffins

Chilli and olive muffins
Cornbread muffin
Ham and cheese muffins
Pumpkin, spinach and semi sun-dried tomato muffins (low fat)
Pizza muffins
Spinach and feta muffins
Tomato, cheese and herb muffins
Tomato and basil muffins

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Cherry ripe slice
Chocolate caramel slice
Chocolate crackle slice with caramel and sea salt
Fruit and nut flapjacks (granola bars)
Lamingtons (double chocolate)
Hedgehog slice (brownie style)
Muesli bars
Peanut butter brownies (chewy)
Plum tray bake (with white chocolate custard)
Raspberry brownie
Rocky road
Shortbread slice – three ways (chocolate icing, passionfruit icing, jaffa style)

Stuff ups

How to burn stuff

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