Part 2 – Butter cupcakes with red cream cheese frosting

Cupcakes part 2 - butter cupcakes with red cream cheese frosting

Here is part two of the Clever Muffin cupcake adventures. Butter cupcakes (otherwise known as vanilla) with red cream cheese frosting!

I made these in normal cupcake size as in the pic above with all three cupcakes cupcakes, and some mini ones as below.

Butter cupcakes with red cream cheese frosting

If you missed part 1, it was red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. That post has alotta handy hints on piping swirls and managing frosting. (more…)

Apple and gingerbread

Apple and gingerbread sliced up
See all those pieces of apple, pecan and ginger in that pic? And can you see how moist and buttery the bread is? Yea, that’s going to be a taste explosion in your mouth. If you like ginger, this one is for you.

And do you also see the amazing rays of light over the photo? That’s because I put an effect over it because sometimes I take crappy photos. I bake at night time and the light is crappy at night. (more…)

Kiwifruit, lime and coconut muffins

Why do you think we’re programmed to want to eat things that are pretty?

Coconut muffins topped with kiwifruit and shredded coconut make a damn pretty muffin, don’t you think? If George Clooney were a muffin, he’d be as photogenic as these muffins. Mmm… Clooney. I mean… muffin. (more…)