Hello there. Would you like a cup of tea?

“No, I didn’t eat all the choc chips….”

Pull up a stool, have a cookie. They’re really, really good.

This is my place where I like to share tasty things I make. And sometimes things I burn. Meh, no one’s perfect.

I live in Melbourne, Australia, but started this blog while in London, away from most of my friends and family.

My love of moving around the globe whenever I get a few pennies to rub together is not helped by my constant trawling of blogs and seeing things like Thanksgiving in full swing (we don’t do that in Oz), German cookies I’ve never tried and French food that literally makes me want to lick the screen on French Fridays.

All these posts are dedicated to how clever I think muffins are. And cookies. And well, most food in general. From a very young age when I stuck sultanas and toothpaste in our kettle to make my mum a cup of tea it was quite obvious I was set on a course of discovery.

Always take a muffin…

Luckily, my family and friends love to eat. My family especially have always believed in the two stomach rule – one for main course, one for dessert.

On these pages you will find tried and tested recipes that I have been using over the years, and also recipes I have begged, borrowed and pinched from my family and friends. Where I have experimented and made mistakes you’ll see the notes, and I hope you’ll leave some of your own.

The gluten free adaptable recipes are always tried and tested, and I welcome any new recipes you’d like me to bake and post.  Just email clevermuffin@gmail.com.

I don’t recommend the sultana and toothpaste tea though. Not at all clever.


24 comments on “Who’s a clever muffin?”

  1. Dear Aimee

    LOVE THIS…..it reminds me of “Julie and Julia”! I have been looking for muffin recipes and NOW am going to make the raspberry and white chocolate, so will let you know how they turn out.

    Look forward to following your recipes, you clever muffin you!

    Here’s to good food and good friends! xx

  2. Hi Aimee

    Lyn sent me your link. These look yummy – I shall send the link home to Angela as she adores cooking and has a box full of recipes of her own that these can add to.

    All the very best. David

  3. Hey Clever Muffin!

    Great looking recipes. How do I download the actual food – it’s making me hungry! 😉


  4. Katherine’s brownies

    125g cold butter chopped
    2 eggs beaten
    3/4 cup caster sugar
    1 cup plain flour sifted
    200g dark chocolate
    150g white chocolate chopped
    100g milk chocolate chopped

    Melt butter and dark chocolate
    Add eggs and stir then stir in sugar and flour. Add milk and white chocolate chips.
    Cook at 180degrees for 30-35 mins or when starting to come away from the pan and firm.

  5. We made the delicious lentil soup on the weekend – it was a really easy one that you can’t help having another serving of and accompanied them with ‘megans’ savoury muffins which were incredibly tasty. Both recipes worth raving about and recommended to my ‘veg’ friends too.

    • Yea.. I think Megan deserves her own regular guest spot! Especially for when I burn stuff. Glad you liked them.

  6. Hi Aimee

    Was looking for a nice muffin recipe for pregnant women with diabeties…for some reason was sure you had a good one! Hehe. Great to see you sharing your cleverness with the world.

    Melbourne misses you 🙂


    • Hello lovely Louise! Is this diabetic pregnant woman you or for someone else?? I can email it to you if you like, still have it from your pregnancy. I’ll be seeing you and Melbourne in mere weeks now…

  7. G’Day there Aimee – well I’ve tried the Raspberry and White Choc Muffins (pause while I eat some more) and they are DELICIOUS (another pause while I gobble more) – am very glad I only brought in one to work! I made them using “Robert Gordon – pastry cups” with the intention of giving some to my next door neighbour, alas, the poor next door neighbour didn’t get any. I justified this by sampling one and then another, then thought well I can’t give them a paltry amount, oh well, I’ll make another batch next week and given them those!! They’ll never know……..

    • Too right – if you can’t give someone a decent amount of baked goods it’s best just to keep them at home and eat them yourself. Otherwise they might think you were being a bit stingy! hehe. I’m very glad you found the recipe of some use.

  8. As your supervisory Aunty in London it is rather alarming to read all this talk of alcohol consumption and offers to sell vital organs.

    I’m sure you will settle down again once you return to Australia, but I do worry what state that will be in. More muffins less shenanigans please young lady!

    • Oh no. It’s all gone to hell in a handbasket now!

      But wasn’t it you who bought the rather lovely but potent liqueur to our last dinner party? Just saying. Though I did feel it went smashingly with the trifle.

  9. I love muffins! Your blog is wonderful, I will be using it once the weather cools down some over here. Your photos are amazing and the Macadamia Nut cookies made me drool! Nice to meet you 🙂

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